Auctioneers to the Government, the High Court and other Courts, Public and Private Enterprises, Insurance Companies and Banks.
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On February 10, 1927, Mr. Vedantam started the operations of Murray & Co. at an office space close to the High Court, Madras. Mr. Vendantam's brother, Mr. Rajam, a Chartered Accountant, joined Murrays soon after. Murrays opened its Auction rooms at Mount Road (now called Anna Salai), in 1929. Murrays has made steady progress since then, thanks to the dynamism and perseverance of Mr. Vedantam, Mr. Rajam & their successors.

Murray & Co. has been a partnership firm since 1964. Prior to that, it was a sole proprietary of Mr. Rajam. Presently, Mr. Hemant Srivatsa a Mechanical Engineer and M.B.A by qualification, who has over 15 years experience as an auctioneer and Mr. S. Sujan Gangadhar, also a Mechanical Engineer, are the partners of the firm.

Today, Murrays is synonymous with auctions in South India. Murrays has, over the years, earned a reputation of being efficient, fair & just, serving the interest of the sellers, while ensuring that the buyers also are not adversely affected.

The performance of Murrays in the last financial year with a sales turnover of around Rs. 70 crores is a reflection of the strength of Murrays in the field of Auctioneering. Murrays has designed customised software, which handles the complete process of sales by auctions and tenders.

Murrays regularly carries out valuation and disposal, by auction and tender sales, of used machines and vehicles, industrial process and maintenance scrap, unused spares and stock, unclaimed cargo, office equipment, furniture, household appliances, handicrafts, curios, land and building and jewellery.

The disposal is effected through Auction, Tender and Tender cum Auction sales, depending on the materials to be offered for sale and principal's preference.