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Lot No. 5

An Old One Rupee Coin 1888 Victoria Empress
Lot No .17

A Framed Print of Garuda Vahana Vishnu Size 31 Inches X 23 Inches
Lot No .22

A Pair of Rosewood Plank Top Round Side Tables
Lot No .23

A Wherle Chiming Wall Clock

A Gayaki Style Sitar

A Rosewood Tiled Square Side Table On Turned Legs Size 24 Inches X 31 Inches

An Old Iron Safe S Mahalingama Chary Size 31 Inches X 37 Inches X 26 Inches
Lot No. 55

A Pair of Chinese Rose Wood Lounge Chairs

Tanjore Painting of Ramar Pattabhishekam

A Rosewood Cane Woven Drawing Room Chair

A Milners 212 Patent Iron Safe Size 50 Inches X 30 Inches X 26 Inches

A Persian Tabriz Carpet Wool Pile With Silk Outline On Cotton Foundation Size Size 80 Inches X 59 Inches
Lot No. 65

A Teakwood Linen Press With Pediment & Gallery Size 46 Inches X92 Inches X 19 Inches

Rosewood Carved Four Leaf Screen With Inlay Work Size 72 Inches X 64 Inches
Lot No. 71

A Teakwood Carved Eight Poster Bed With Railings Size 80 Inches X 64 Inches

A Rosewood Carved

Rosewood Diwan With Carved Animal

A Tanjore Painting of Gaja Lakshmi Size 54 Inches X 78 Inches

A Wooden Brass Bounded Malabar Chest Size 28 Inches X 15 Inches X 20 Inches

A Rosewood Madura Carved Occasional Table Diameter 4 Feet

A Rosewood Tiled Square Side Table On Turned Legs Size 24 Inches X 31 Inches

A Carved Two Part Boat Table Piece Length 47 Inches Ht12 Inches

A Persian Tabriz Carpet Wool With Silk Highlights On Cotton Foundation Size 115 Inches X 78 Inches
Lot No. 89

A Wood Carved Brass Bounded Malabar Chest Size 22 Inches X 11 Inches X 16 Inches
Lot No. 90

A Rosewood Dresser
Lot No. 92

A Teakwood Linen Press Size 48 Inches X 84 Inches X 19 Inches

A Set of Four Meakin Breweries EPNS Beer Mugs
Lot No. 105

Set of Three Rosewood Dining Chairs
Lot No. 109

A Rosewood Armoire Size 24 X 74 X 20 Inches
Lot No. 110

A Teakwood Partners Chair
Lot No. 114

Rosewood & Teakwood Two Door Linen Press Size 47 Inches X 54 Inches X 18 Inches
Lot No. 130

A Brass Kuthuvilakku Height 32 Inches
Lot No. 131

A Rosewood Plank Top Centre Table
Lot No. 133

Set of Four Rosewood Visitors Chairs
Lot No. 138

A Rosewood Bed Size 80 Inches X 45 Inches
Lot No. 150

Six Teakwood Carved Pillar Parts